Sanchi does not need any introduction. It is already marked as one of India's most important places. This place tells about Buddhism, and it is a small village, which is located approximately 52 kilometers from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh). Sanchi is a famous tourist destination in which innumerable Buddhist structures, pillars and monasteries are seen.

The second stupa was built in the second century and it is situated on the border of a hill above an artificial platform. The 3rd Sanchi Stupa is situated near the Sanchi Stupa and there is a crown on the semi-circular dome that is considered as a very sacred place. All three stupas of Sanchi are considered as World Heritage Sites and are currently under UNESCO.

Why are these stupas built in the Sanchi? There is a reason behind this, in which one reason was that Mahadevi Sanchi, the wife of Ashoka's emperor, was in Sanchi, and this stupa was made in Sanchi as per his wish. One reason may be that in the Maurya period, Vidisha was a prosperous and commercial town and near it was a place suitable for the cultivation of Buddhist monks. The most distinguished fact is that after the horrific battles of the Kalinga war, Ashoka never decided to fight. This war, Ashoka accepted Buddhism. He created stupas all over India, among which Sanchi was also one.

Stupa number is one of the largest stupas in the Sanchi Stupa. This stupa was built by Emperor Ashoka. The size of this stupa is similar to the opposite bowl. It has three umbrellas on its peak which reflects greatness. This stupa was made in honor of Gautam Buddha. In this stupa, the ruler of Shung Dynasty used to lay down the layer of layers and railings. There are four gates in this stupa which were constructed by Satavahana kings. The stories of Jataka and Albasbasar are depicted on these gates. The stupa number three on the east side of this stupa is very simple. There are a total of 40 small stupas in Sanchi.